12 Days of Elves

Follow Weenis and the elves as they blast Christmas joy all over the place, 1 twisted elf video a day. Also you can follow the creators of Weenis and the 12 ...

The Collection

Explore thousands of artworks in the museum’s wide-ranging collection—from our world-renowned icons to lesser-known gems from every corner of the globe—as well as our books, writings, reference materials, and other resources. Welcome to the launch of the museum’s redesigned website!

Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch

This is a program for stretching the audio. It is suitable only for extreme sound stretching of the audio (like 50x) and for applying special effects by "spectral smoothing" the sounds. It can transform any sound/music to a texture.
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Sometimes Depression Means Not Feeling Anything At All

I never realized how little I knew about depression until I became depressed. I didn't know, for instance, how depression can snatch away your sex drive, leaving you feeling newly—and involuntarily—asexual.
Philip Eil -

Best Beef Wellington (Bushcraft) - ALL TIME WINNER!

ORIGINAL KNIFE CAN BE ORDERED ONLY ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE VIA PERSONAL MESSAGE! https://www.facebook.com/AlmazanKitch...Look what we’ve got for you here! Made in beautiful Serbian forest - Amazing Beef Wellington baked inside very thin handmade dough with mushrooms and olives! Preparation of this di
AlmazanKitchen -


Here's the Best Way to Feed a Cat

Most of us feed our cats with bleary eyes at dawn after they’ve scratched a hole through the door, but there is another way. How you feed a cat, it turns out, can change its behavior.
Aimée Lutkin -

AMBEO® Downloads

The AMBEO Orbit is a Sennheiser’s free binaural panner plugin, designed to facilitate mixing immersive binaural content.


Generate free low frequency tones to test your subwoofer.

The 60 second online subwoofer test. It's free, simple and no sign up required. How low can you go? This page contains a low frequency sweep and a series of tones for testing the response of subwoofers. Click the play button below to begin the test.

20 Free Photography Website Templates 2018

Get ready to explore some of the best and most beautiful free photography website templates. These will help you build a portfolio website in a snap.
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Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody - AUDIO 3D [EN]

Com vocês, Queen! Remixagem para áudio binaural da gravação original de 1975: Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen.Sinta a presença do Artista!Remixagem para áudio 3D: Binaulab Audio 3DTodos os direitos da música reservados para EMI Publishing Scandinavia AB.